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15K Map

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Course Description

The 15k starts at the Crain Hill Vineyard entrance. (9720 S Center Hwy, Traverse City, MI 49684) Go north on Center Road 1.1 mile to Lakeview Hills Road before a long, gradual descent west 1 mile to Lake Leelanau Drive.  Go north .4 miles to the Leelanau Trail which winds its way north 5 miles to Fort Road. Go east on Fort Road .1 mile and then south on Center Road/Elm Valley Road for 1 mile to Hill Top Road. After a .2 mile climb east on Hilltop Road you descend .5 miles to the finish at Shore View Circle Road. Aid stations are located at the 2, 4, 6, and 8 mile marks in addition to the start and finish.

The 5k starts at Mawby Vineyard on Elm Valley Road and goes north .7 miles to Fort Road. Left on Fort Road .1 mile then left on the Leelanau Trail for .5 miles. Go left of Center Road for .4 miles, right on Elm Valley Road for .7 miles. After a .2 mile climb east on Hilltop Road you descend .5 miles to the finish just before Shore View Circle Road.

Elevation by 5k of 15k Course

1st 5k: Starting point is at 827 feet, rising slightly to 867 feet by the mile mark before descending to 680 feet at mile two. The slight climb of the Leelanau Trail the 3rd mile to 737 feet means a net drop of 90 feet the first 5k. (827 to 737)

2nd 5k: The slight incline of the Leelanau Trail continues mile four to 757 feet and to 761 feet by the mile five mark. Mile six sees a slight drop to 741 resulting in the flattest 5k of the three with a net climb of 4 feet. (737 to 741)

3rd 5k: After a short decline to 713 feet, this 5k will prove to be one of the most demanding, with an incline to 801 feet by the time you reach the crest of Hill Top Road at 8.3 miles. The sharp drop down Hill Top Rd. to 612 feet to the finish means a net drop of 129 feet for this 5k. (741 to 612)

15k USATF Certification #MI15043MN